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 The War on Global Crime

Crime has always represented a threat to the security of ordinary people in all countries and occasionally to state institutions. The changing nature of threats to global crime has become greater in recent years and has undermined the capacity of governments to protect citizens and themselves.

The threat to the United States from international crime continues to grow through rapid changes in technology providing a foundation for criminals to exploit the globalization of trade and finance. These developments have helped create new mechanisms for trafficking contraband, conducting illicit trade, laundering money, and engaging in large-scale economic crimes. They have also opened the door to new criminal opportunities.

Submission Details:

In at least 250 words, post to the Discussion Areayour responses to the following:

  • Build a case that examines the country that according to your research will pose the greatest global threat in terms of crime.
  • Identify and describe the specific crime that is produced by this country.
  • State measures that have been taken by government agencies or international organizations in the past to curtail the crime and recommend solutions to the crime.
  • Use APA citations to show resources that support your viewpoint.

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