individual project 2

individual project 2

Deliverable Length: 10–12 slides (excl. Title and Reference slides, 2 references); Speaker notes 200–250 words/slide

Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday, and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time. 

At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors, it evaluated the international internship program and determined that the program was a successful first step toward globalization. The Board of Directors discussed the merits of expanding the organization into three global locations. Because you led the successful implementation of the international internship program, the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors nominated you to prepare a globalization plan for the organization. The organization is in the financial industry, and the Board of Directors anticipates that globalization will be a good choice to ensure the growth of its long-term investments. The Board of Directors has asked that you prepare a presentation describing a 10-year globalization plan.

Using Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection resources, research globalization and create a presentation of 10–12 slides that addresses the following:

  • Prepare a vision statement of at least 1 paragraph for the organization to act as the foundation for its global strategy.
  • Describe your recommendation for the organization’s global strategy, including 3 global locations and the competitive advantage it may gain from operating in these 3 locations.
  • Describe the goals of the globalization plan, its phases, and the plan’s prospective 10-year time line.
  • What are the key success factors of the globalization plan from a project management perspective?
  • What human resources (HR) and human capital management concerns need to be addressed in the plan?
  • What change management practices could be included in the plan?
  • What are the economic conditions in each global location? How might the plan affect and be affected by changes in the global economy?
  • Conclude the presentation with a projection of the costs of the globalization plan and its potential return on investment.

Provide a reference list at the end of your presentation of at least 10 Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection articles, and include in-text citations for the articles in APA format.



  • Evaluate current business articles for key insights and relevancy to business disciplines.
  • Discuss current global issues as related to business disciplines.
  • Relate current events with business concepts and theories.



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