Information Assurance I need an expert in (Information

Information Assurance
I need an expert in (Information Assurance) to write 5 summaries about 5 Defcon/blackhates videos. The 5 reviews will be graded and counted as 5 daily standing assignments. The reviews will be turned in on blackboard. Each review needs to be a short discussion of roughly half a page of 12-point font with a 1” margin text.** Do not copy the talk abstracts that are available online as part of yoursummary. If you do so, you will receive no credits for that review**Several of these conference presentations archived online. I recommend reviewingvideos, slides or audio files from more recent conferences.Online access to BHB/DEFCON videos:
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O-checker: Detection of Malicious Documents through Deviation from File Format Specifications
This presentation by Yuhei Otsubo focuses on email security. We have all at one time received an email containing an executable file that was in most cases a virus. Focusing on Japan, the author examines the various formats such as Rich Text Format and Portable Document format that have been targeted in the last few years. He proposes the use of o-checker which detects about 96.1% of malicious fields that…
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