Isserman and Kazin on U.S. involvement in Vietnam Read:

Isserman and Kazin on U.S. involvement in Vietnam
Read: Isserman and Kazin, “Why Did the United States Fight in Vietnam”
Write: Assignment must be typed, double-spaced, with your name at the top Write a paragraph that answers this question:
Why did the Viet Cong win the hearts and minds of Vietnamese peasants according to Isserman and Kazin?
Read Isserman and Kazin’s chapter about the beginnings of U.S. involvement in Vietnam and watch for the point where they address Special Forces and the strengths of the Viet Cong. Note that the question here is: what is Isserman and Kazin’s view of the situation, not what others see as the reason. Do not use the Internet to find some approximate answer to the question.
Write a paragraph of at least four sentences, including a topic sentence that answers the question generally and relates to all of the sentences in the paragraph. Use NO QUOTATIONS. Write your paragraph entirely in your own words.
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The Viet Congo used various strategies to win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese Peasants. They knew that they needed their support to win over the Americans. Thus they treated them with respect and helped them in their farms. They gave their soldiers strict rules not to harm the villagers and they provided genuine support…..
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