ITC 203 system analysis and design

ITC 203 system analysis and design

  1. Full Use Case Description (30 marks)

Select the most critical core use case identified for the case study* and fully describe it to produce a full use case description. (use the template provided in Resources section).

Make sure your full use case description identifies and describes all significant alternate flows

Guidance for selecting a use case will be provided during semester. If you wish to start this task before such guidance is provided, check your selection with the lecturer before starting work. Your mark for the whole assignment will be negatively affected if the use case you select is not one of the approved use cases.


  1. Activity Diagram (20 marks)

Produce an activity diagram consistent with the full use case description. Make sure your activity diagram shows the same steps and flows as contained in the full use case description.


  1. Use Case Realization (30 marks)

Produce a detailed sequence diagram consistent with the normal flow detailed in the full use case description that shows the interactions between boundary classes that support your user interface, internal elements that control and support the use case (ie implement business logic), and the domain objects identified in Assignment 1*.

*Note: you may only use your own domain objects if you received a CR rating or above for the  domain model section in that Assignment. Otherwise, you must use the udomain model that will be provided during semester. You may use the provided domain model whatever your mark for that section in Assignment1. 


  1. Analysis Classes (20 marks)

Produce an analysis class diagram for the collaboration of objects involved in the use case that shows all the attributes and methods each class requires to support the use case.


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