Joe Hisaishi,

Summarize the biography of one composer featured on the program. Help your group understand the life and historical context of the composer in question

1 source citation; 500+ words

Below you will find two prompts. Select 2 group members to respond to one prompt each. You are encouraged to discuss the prompts together, but you must write your responses individually. Group members not answering prompts on the Proposal will do so on the Report.

Your grade is based solely on the quality of your own work. Anyone found writing responses for others or submitting someone else’s work as their own will fail this assignment without recourse.

As you formulate your answer, think of your role as that of tour guide to your peers. Introduce them to your topic, and help them understand what it’s all about.

Draw on at least one source for your information and cite it properly according to the style guide used by your major field (MLA, CMS, APA etc.)

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