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Final Paper

Choose one or two of the following aspects of Temperance (from Lecture 2 slides) and draw/expand upon the ideas (presented in the readings and lectures) to explain how these ideals could change/impact the way people discuss or engage in alcohol consumption. How would/could this be practically lived on a college campus? :

  • Temper (metal): Makes metal stronger but endures testing = Christians must become tempered in virtue to grow in relationship with God (recall the image of pruning the vine)
  • Temperature: Seeks thermal equilibrium and balance = Christians must gauge the climate of a room when discerning alcohol consumption.
  • Temporal (time): Seeks a proper time or season for something = Christians must balance celebration with ordinary life and leisure with work.
  • Temper (music): Allows harmonies to match up better = Christians must seek an inner harmony between the various aspects of one’s life.

Personal narrative accounts are encouraged but not necessary. Small narratives to accompany different theological/philosophical points can be helpful for illustrating your point. If you choose to use personal accounts, please do not let them exceed 30% (1/3rd) of your paper’s content. For example, if your paper is 6 pages long you can write up to 2 pages worth of personal accounts.

It is highly encouraged to draw upon the ideas and language of virtue, telos, and the worries of compartmentalization and objectification. I also encourage you to draw from Scripture and Christian Tradition.

Please have a thesis and develop your argument around this thesis.

“The Details”:

Length: 4 full pages (not 1 line or paragraph on the 4th page) – 6 full pages.

12 pt. font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 6pt. spacing after paragraphs.


Only include Title and Name on front page (do not include class or date)

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