latin american history

Essay Questions



  1. Why were residents of Latin America so concerned about political events in Spain, Portugal and France?


  1. Why did the composition of the 1812 Spanish Cortes become so divisive for Latin Americans?


  1. Who was Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla? 


  1. What was the “Grito de Dolores”?


  1. Where did Simón Bolívar come from?


  1. What happened when Spanish King Ferdinand returned to Spain?  How did he provoke the wars of independence?


  1. Who was José de San Martín?


  1.  How did regional loyalties affect Bolívar’s plans for South America?


  1.  Why was the Brazilian reaction to European wars so different from the rest of South America?


  1.  How did the Catholic Church create a sense of community in early 19th century Latin America?


  1.  What happened to slaves and women during and after the wars of independence?



  1.  Did the wars of independence mark the beginning of a new era in Latin America?

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