law office management

in-depth submission, free of spelling and grammar errors. Your essay should be a minimum of one page in length, no header, 1 inch margins times roman 12  for font

1 page for each question (2 questions)



Research the issues surrounding court-related electronic filing 
Identify the types of electronic document formats in a paperless environment


Courts are recognizing the benefits of a paperless office and are changing their processes, such as filing, to accommodate. Use this assignment to investigate the various filing processes required by courts in your state as well as the federal court processes.

Research and compare the procedures for filing documents with a court in your home state and one federal court. Your assignment should consist of a comparison analysis between state courts and federal courts. Conclude with the advantages and disadvantages of e-filing court documents.


Analyze the risk reducing benefits of using specialty software in a law office

You have been assigned to create a risk assessment for the law office software applications at the office where you are employed.

For this assignment, you will discuss the issues and risks of the law office, the consequence of these risks, and the software functionality that will reduce or prevent the issues or risks. (e.g. Risk: Late with submission of documents to opposing legal team. Consequence: Fees, postponements, etc. Functionality: Calendaring all deadlines, with reminders set for 1 week, 3 days, and 1 day prior will prevent this risk.)

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