Managers- In the article “Jennifer Reingold Samples A Day in ion=list_messages&coursejd=_1674612 1 &nav=di cussioManagers- In the article “Jennifer Reingold Samples A Day in the Life Of a Manager” I identified two real managers and also one virtual manager. The virtual manager throughout the passage was Jennifer Reingold, there were many examples throughout the article showing that jenifer was virtual one of the being shown in the first paragraph it states “Maybe I wasn’t meant to be an executive after all”. The two other real managers throughout the story were Richard Williams and Kelly Myers. In the beginning of the text it states “Richard Wellins, an SVP at human-resources consulting firm Development Dimensions International”. This quote shows that Richard was a Senior Vice President at Development Dimensions International, which gave him the managerial power. Richard was acting in a managerial fashion throughout the text because he invited Jennifer Reingold to his intensive one-day operational executive platform. Kelly Myers was also a manager throughout the text. In the story it states, —Kelly Myers, a new VP whose predecessor at Global had just been canned”. This quote shows that Kelly was in the position of power because she was the Vice President.Efficiency – The manager that has a great tendency of being recognized of being efficient was Richard Wellins. Richard would was productive through the story because he invited staff members to his intensive one-day ‘operational executive platform. A simulation used to screen potential job candidates or identify and develop stars. This gave staff members the opportunity to be more efficient and to become better at there craft.Effectiveness – From the mangers I identified the one that had a great tendency to become recognized, as leaning towards being effective is Kelly Myers because was setting a great example on how you should handle situations throughout a business for Jennifer. In the story it states, “Yet I came away with the strange and somehow disturbing conclusion that, warts and all, I could, with a lot of practice and probably a lot of therapy, be Kelly Myers. I didn’t have much time to think about that, though. Thankfully, I had a story to write”. This quote shows that Jennifer thought about being just like Kelly from the way she handled situations throughout the company.Derailed Mangers – The manager that has the greatest likely hood of becoming derailed is Richard Wellins, because he didn’t

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