marketing discussion

marketing discussion

  • When you read another student’s post, picture yourself as a Marketing Director in that company. In other words, you are the student’s boss.
  • As a Marketing Director, your job is to review the product idea and provide some guidance to the Product Manager.
  • In your post, offer specific feedback and comments that will help improve the product idea, the labeling, and the packaging.
  • NOTE: In your replies, the idea is that you will put on your marketing hat and analyze the product idea, packaging and labeling considerations from a marketer’s perspective. The product should appeal to the target market and be different from similar products.   
  • IMPORTANT: Your responses should not be overly negative, rather be constructive as a way to present new ideas and evaluate the concept.


Please respond and do what it says above to each of these two discussions, they need to have two seperate responses. These do not need to be long, just follow directions but make sure there is two seperate responses:




New Product idea: My new product idea is an interchangeable shoe for women.  This shoe would allow women to wear it as a flat, add a wedge or a high heel depending on what the occasion calls for.

  • Target Market: The target market as a whole would be for women.  The segment that would be most targeted would be girls from 18 up to 40.
  • Differentiation: I am not aware of any product like this on the market at the current time.  This product will be positioned in consumers minds because it is unique.  It offers women the luxury of only having to buy one pair of shoes that can be customized to a particular style.  The target market will find this product attractive because it would be cost effective due to the fact that they would only need to purchase this product rather than three different types of shoes.   
  • Packaging & Labeling: Packaging and labeling will be extremely important when marketing this new item.  I believe that the packaging should display pictures of the shoe being worn in the three different styles so the consumer can get a clear understanding of the product.  This will allow the customer to see that by buying this product, they are actually receiving three in one.  I would choose bright colors and fancy font in order to portray the versatility of the product.   




New Product idea: Take a look at your refrigerator, if you’re anything like my family it will be decorated with pictures and drawing’s from the kids. What happens to these pictures when you close the fridge door, they fall off and you have to continue to put them back up, they even get knocked off when you are just passing by.  How about a refrigerator that could take care of all the problems and you get to have more pictures placed on the fridge.  My idea is a fridge that has the whole front of it being digital with a USB port on the side to upload your favorite pictures and drawings.  The front of the fridge would perform like a screen saver for your computer, displaying all different pictures and drawings from your kids. 

Target Market: My target market for this product would be middle to upper class families with a home.  The cost would be a little more then a regular working fridge but the families who it would benefit and that could afford it would be able to purchase.  More specifically younger couples who are into technology and with young children. 

Differentiation: There is one other product that is similar to this but it only shows one picture. My product will show multiple pictures and easy to upload drawings as well. Households will be more prone to use my product because of the simplicity of uploading and the option to portray multiple pictures and drawings.

Packaging & Labeling: Every place I have been that sells refrigerators or any type of appliances they have them displayed in the store without packaging.  This product would benefit from being displayed so it can show its features to the customer as they are shopping for appliances. The display itself would make the product stand out to the consumer.  The labels will also list the features that the fridge has as well as warning labels for the product.







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