Mid term Paper 1.Think of a Human Service System (i.e.

Mid term Paper 1.Think of a Human Service System (i.e. health care, substance abuse, mental health, etc.). Create a minimum 4 page APA style paper to identify the answers to the following questions. The 4 pages do not include your cover page and reference page. Using the Systems Transformation Approach and Cybernetics Process describe what your system currently looks like? Describe what an ideal system would look like? What problem does the current system and the ideal system focus on? Are they different? If yes, why are they different? What needs to happen to get to the ideal system (process)? What do you propose as the outcomes of the ideal system? As an agency director working within the current system, what would you need to know and do in order to move your agency in the direction of meeting the goals of the ideal system? (i.e Problem-Solving techniques, critically looking at your organization, Learning Organization Structure, challenges / opportunities of transformation?)

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