Mission, Visions and Values

Mission, Visions and Values

This week you are asked to prepare the mission, vision, and values for the clinic scenario that was explained in the Course Project – Introduction.



It is a general statement of an organization’s overall purpose and philosophy. The statement explains why the entity exists. It focuses on today; what the organization is now. The statement is the foundation for all other planning. It should not be changed often, but rather occasionally reassessed to ensure that it is still consistent with the organization.

The statement is usually only one or two sentences. It is easily understood and communicated. Employees should know be able to easily learn and know the mission of the organization.


This statement explains what the organization wants to become in the future. It focuses on tomorrow and presents a picture of the future that the organization hopes to achieve. The statement should not be abstract, but rather a concrete picture of a desire state.


These are deeply held beliefs within an organization. They explain how an organization expects its employees to behave. They should remain consistent over time.

Conduct research to view examples of missions, visions, and values for several health care organizations. Make note of how each of these is written and the types of things that are included.

Compose a mission, vision, and values for the fictional organization described in the Course Project Introduction.





You are the Clinic Manager at ABC Clinic, a rural family practice clinic which is part of larger health network. The clinic is located in a community with a population of about 9,000 people. The facility uses outside services for some advanced diagnostic testing; routine tests are conducted on site.

Members of your staff include the following:

  • Clinic Manager (1)
  • Supervisors (3)
  • Receptionists (2)
  • Health Information Technician (1- RHIT)
  • Medical Coders (2- RHITs)
  • Laboratory Technicians (2)
  • Radiology Technicians (2)
  • Nurses (3- RNs and 3- LPNs)

The Clinic Manager reports to the Director of Clinics. The two Supervisors report to the Clinic Manager. The two receptionists, the Health Information Technician, and the two Medical Coders report to the first Supervisor. The Laboratory Technicians and Radiology Technicians report to the second Supervisor. The six Nurses report to the third Supervisor.


You also have four physicians on staff. Though there is no direct reporting relationship between you and the physicians, you do have a staff relationship with them.

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