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One of the most important Genres from the Baroque Era is the Fugue. We did not study it during class time, but I want you to learn how to learn about music on your own. 

Listen to the links below and answer the following questions.

The first example is the Prelude and Fugue 1 in C Major by J.S.Bach performed on modern or modified modern instruments.

Read about it and follow along with the book on page 131-135 and listen to either this You Tube video or CD 1, tracks 10 and 11. (Links to an external site.)


1. What is the mood of the Prelude?

2. What are THREE things you notice about the Prelude, how are the elements and structures being used? Discuss the use of Rhythm, Dynamics, and one other element/structure of your choice.

3. Can you easily hear the end of the Prelude and the beginning of the Fugue?

4. What is the mood of the fugue? 

5. Can you identify the dominant structure of the Fugue? The imitative counterpoint? 

6. How many times do you hear the subject enter? 

Now listen to this recording of the same piece performed on the instrument Bach wrote it for, the harpsichord. (Links to an external site.)

7. How does changing the instrument change the mood of the music? 

8. Describe the changes of tone color between the two performances. 

9. Which do you prefer? 


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