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Week Two Blog: Critical Skills


Each week in your Blog you will reflect on best practices and strategies for effective business communication.  Posts should share personal experience along with demonstrated understanding of course material.  Your posts should make a connection between your thoughts and experiences and professional or expert observations.  Inclusion of links to relevant articles, essays, videos and other media is expected and will enhance and strengthen your work. Referencing the text and citing is not required but encouraged.  Graphic presentation (no attachments, please!) is also a consideration.  Be sure to review the Blog Rubric to see how you will be assessed.


Post 1. Review “Building a Critical Skill: Managing Your Time” on page 225. Which of these techniques do you already use? What challenges do you have in managing your time and how do/have you overcome them? What skills have you learned since becoming a student? How can use these skills to complete your Formal Report in this class?  If you could share on tip with an incoming student about time management what would it be?   Your post must be 150-250 words.

Post 2.  After reviewing email “netiquette” on pager 226 and the following video, answer these three questions. How would you rate your professional email skills? What area mentioned in these resources could you improve? What is the one email error you see most often? Your post must be 150 -250 words.


Embedded Video Player: Office Email Etiquette




Embedded Video Player: Email Etiquette

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