Need two paragraphs and two references for each discussion question for Week 5

Week 5 Discussion 1


Small-business ideas prove themselves when customers start buying.
Dispute or defend the concept that a small business starts with a
business plan. Take a position on whether the customers come first or
the business plan comes first. Support your answer.

From the case study, give your opinion on whether or not Herrera
operated from a formal business plan. Predict what would have happened
if Herrera had written out his plan and presented it to venture


Week 5 Discussion 2


From the first e-Activity, evaluate the business’ current business
strategy; propose a change in direction that would improve its
prospects. Support your answer.

From the second e-Activity, Mr. Gupta said, “A startup is a journey.”
 He also said, “Try to do as much as you can with your own money and
on your own time before you ask for investment. As soon as you raise
capital, the stakes go up, your clock is ticking.”  Interpret the
meaning of those statements. Take a position on whether you agree or
disagree with those statements. Support your position.

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