NUR625 Management of Fiscal and Operational System M4A1 SWOT Analysis

You are Director of Operations for a not-for-profit healthcare organization that has multipleclinics spread across town. There always seems to be competition within the organizationbetween clinics on the east and west side of town in terms of number of patients, type ofequipment, staffing personnel, and number of practitioners. In the last six months, two newfor-profit companies from out of state have opened similar types of medical offices close toyour clinics. You are beginning to note a trend of fewer new patients making appointments. 

Additionally you have lost 15% of your employed healthcare practitioners (physicians, nursepractitioners, physician assistants, and nurses) to these new clinics.The Executive Director of the region has called. She is concerned about this shifting ofpotential business. She has requested that you present a plan of how you will: (a) increasepatient volumes by 10%, (b) hire and retain personnel, and (c) add new services in the clinicsover the next twelve months.

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