Nursing Theory (Situation-specific Theory Evaluation Criteria)

For this discussion, you will be evaluating Willis, DeSanto-Madeya, & Fawcett (2015). Moving beyond dwelling in suffering: A situation-specific theory of men’s healing from childhood maltreatment. Nursing Science Quarterly, 28(1), 57–63.(see attachment)Document attached.Situation-Specific Theory Evaluation Criteria1. Complexity/Simplicity: Is the theory complex or simple? Explain.2. Claritya. Is the theory understandable? Why or why not?b. How could this theory be made more understandable? Describe.3. Parsimonya. Is the theory concise or wordy?b. Provide examples.4. Socio-cultural Utilitya. Does the theory attend to diversity?b. If so, how?c. If not, suggest one way it can be refined to address diversity using at least one reference to support your suggestion.d. Accuracyi.    Is the theory relevant to nursing today?ii.   If yes, provide an example of its relevance.iii.  If not, please explain.This post should contain be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 750 words. This post should integrate a minimum of three readings and/or other evidence-based research articles no more than three years old and use APA formatting for citations and references.FREE of Plagiarism.Turnitin assignment.

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