Marjory Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns nursing essay.

Write a paper describing the Marjory Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns, and its applicability in health care.Use the A.P.A. style and send it via Blackboard for evaluation. Your essay must have a minimum of 3 pages (excluding cover and references) and use at least three bibliographic references. Avoid plagiarism by submitting your work to SafeAssign.Paper must be INTERVIEW STYLE WITH QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS QUESTIONS MUST BE MEDICAL OR NURSING FORMAT (USE IMAGINATION TO CREATE AND RESPOND THE QUESTIONS)THE ESSAY MUST BE ABOUT Marjory Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns, the paper must HAVE VERY IMPORTANT AN INTRODUCTION AND A SUMMARY OR CONCLUSION AT THE END REFELCTING THE THE ESSAY.ESSAY MUST BE APA STYLE, 3 PAGES AT LEAST, 3 REFERENCES AT LEAST AND NO PLAGIARISM.LINK BELOW HAS THE Marjory Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns.

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