PowerPoint Presentation . Osteoporosis. Advanced Pathophysiology

Please use templates attached.Case Study:OsteoporosisOral PowerPoint PresentationGuidelines:This is a PowerPoint presentation. 3 or more references less than 5 years. APA style.The scholarly PP presentation should include the following:•           Abstract of the presentation (150 words maximum)•           In-depth preview of the topic•           An exemplar and discussion of a relevant research study using the methodGuiding Questions:•          What is normal vs. abnormal processes in the human body?•          What is a disease?•          What causes disease?•          How is disease identified?•          How is disease cured/managed? Medications?•          How is the acute disease treated versus chronic disease?•          What role does our body’s defense system play in the fight of disease?•          What changes in the human body as a result of age?

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