One-page public relations campaigns

One-page public relations campaigns

One-page public relations campaigns


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  • Child dies in a new infant car seat

    Profile: Safe-T-Time is the country’s largest manufacturer of child safety products. Their products include car seats, safety latches and baby monitors, among other things. The company has a good safety record, and research shows it is the most trusted name for parents. Sales have been steady over the years, with yearly profits averaging $25 million. The company has invested $100 million in the development of a revolutionary new car seat, which has just entered the market

    Situation: Last week, a child was ejected from the new Safe-T-Time car seat in a low speed collision. The child died in the accident. A civil lawsuit has just been filed against Safe-T-Time. Engineers for the company claim the accident was a fluke and that there is no design flaw. A private firm is conducting safety tests on behalf of those filing the suit. Tonight “Dateline” is going to air a segment on the accident and the lawsuit. They have contacted Safe-T-Time for a comment.

    Assignment: Safe-T-Time has hired your firm to consult them on the “Dateline” story and a long-term public relations strategy. The future of their company depends on the success of this new car seat.



    Your response should address all aspects of the problem you’ve been given. Considerations include:


    • What do you say to the press? Or do you avoid releasing information to the press?
    • Will you hold a press conference or simply submit a press release? Who will talk at the press conference?
    • Does your situation call for advertisements or public service announcements?
    • Consider how your actions will affect the long-term image of your client.


    Be sure to be specific with your presentation. Give solid examples that will illustrate your plans.







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