Outline Managing Project Teams and Stakeholders: 301187

Assignment 3 Outline Managing Project Teams and Stakeholders: 301187 Autumn 2019Weighting: 60% individualDue: 9th June 2019 by mid night (Sunday)Submit via Turnitin in vuwsWord limit for report:Total of 3000 words (+1-10%) excluding references and appendices for the group component and 1000 words (+1-10%) for the individual component.Grouping instructionsThis assignment is a GROUP assignment. Please follow below instructions in forming groups. • Students should form a group of 4 to 5 members to complete this assignment. • Students are required to submit their group membership. using the group nomination form by end of Week 10 (forms available in vuws). • All groups will be added to vuws online groups with a group number and you can view your group via “My Groups’ in the left side menu. • Each group is strongly encouraged to use vUWS group tools to communicate online between your group members. For example. you could email, discuss and share documents using these group tools. Only the teachers are able to see your communications. In the event of any group issues, this would provide evidence for the unit coordinator to make reasonable decisions.Report (40% weight) and Oral Presentation (20% weight)You are required to submit a group report (Section 1- 3) and an individual report (Section 4) as described below for this assignment. The instructions for the oral presentation are given in the latter part of this assignment outline.Group report (should be submitted under the ‘Assignment 3 group report’ link in vuws)General report presentation: Remember to include general report components such as cover page with group members’ names and SID numbers, table of contents, introduction, conclusions, references and appendices. You are encouraged to use tables and diagrams to present required information effectively. 1. Group task 1 (1000 words, 10%), Designing the project Formulate a medium to large scale project, which has features such as multi-cultural, virtual and cross-disciplinary teams. You may use a real-life project and redesign it to include the features mentioned above using your creativity and experience. The outcome of this group activity should be reported in Section 1 of the report. Section 1 may comprise of: • Project scope and details as in a ‘project charter’ (o.g. high level schedule, budget and key risks, special features) • Project organisation structure and the project team • Project governance structure and committees

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