Part one -: It has LONG been suggested that there is a link

Part one -: It has LONG been suggested that there is a link between crime and genetics. Secondly, if there was a credible reason to believe that a certain percentage of criminals possessed a specific gene, how many would have to possess it for YOU to personally believe that the link existed? Please explain your answer. And finally, based on ideas presented in class/the reading, what argument might be made for the fact that simply b/c criminals might possess a higher rate of a particular gene that the gene itself may not actually be predictive of criminality.After i turn in this assignment online, id have to reply to two peers regarding their point on this question. Its not alot, four sentences each student. Part 2 :Chapters 6, 7 and 8 focuses on issues pertaining to gender, sexuality, and justice. The chapters illustrate issues pertaining to the socially constructed ideas of gender, sex, sexual orientation, victimization, and the historical significance of the criminalization of gender and sexual transgression.1. Read chapters 6, 7, and 8. (there is no discussion this week)2. Answer the Questions for Review on page 88 (questions 1-10) and page 108 (questions 1-5) . Please type your own responses and submit them via file upload. A little tip about your responses, please do not cut and paste what is in our book and then reference it at the end. The idea is that you answer the questions based on your ideas about what the question is asking/referring to. And, you may certainly agree and disagree with what our textbook says…after all, our textbook looks at diversity through a different lens than other textbooks do.3. Watch the following You Tube video (please excuse the advertisements) and write your reaction to the content; do you agree, do you disagree, why or why not. At least 2 paragraphs please for 5 points. You might have to cut and paste the link to watch the video. Make sure you include your reaction paper on the same paper as your Questions for Review, do not submit a separate paper please. the following documentary, Out in the Night, on Kanopy and write a 2 paragraph essay about your reaction to the content of the documentary – again, do you agree, disagree, how did it make you feel, what could have been done differently, etc.

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