PDR-224665 Construct an argument defending a claim of value

PDR-224665 Construct an argument defending a claim of value Note: The topic approved by the instructor is “The Fast food Industry in U.S. is providing employment opportunities, but at the same time is hurting the health issues of the people with Obesity.” For this paper, please construct an argument defending a claim of value, regarding some development, practice, or theory in your major field of study, an area of interest if you do not yet have a major, or the assigned topic. Remember that a claim of value makes a judgment that cannot be proven as fact–good/bad, better/worse, legitimate/illegitimate, worthwhile/useless etc.–so you can argue for or against the development, practice, or theory. It is the writer’s job to persuade the audience to accept as reasonable and ideally embrace her/his claim. Remember also that, in addition to appeals to needs and values, arguments supporting claims of value still utilize research to support the main points, which in turn validate the claim. Your instructor may assign the topic. If not, the topic and support must come out of your major field of study, so please consult with one of your major professors or department chairperson for help in generating the topic and guidance towards reputable professional journals, books, and websites that you can research for support. If you do not yet know your major or your instructor has not assigned a topic, you must generate a topic out of a subject that interests you. If the topic is not assigned, the instructor will have to approve the topic and review the claim you are making about it, to make sure you’re on the right track. Shorter research writing, such as this, typically employs a rough average of two sources per page, making ten sources a good guideline for the number of sources for this paper. Remember to use a variety of sources, not just websites. You must employ MLA publication style in your paper, which includes the page format, in-text source documentation, and works cited page. Please refer to the handbook section on MLA style in it. Please refer also to the “Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Papers” in your course packet. This argument must be at least six to eight pages long, not including the works cited page. Be sure that your claim is clearly stated. It is due at the end of class on the last meeting day of week nine. 6 pages, 5 MLA

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