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When we review the damage and costs to ecosystems and the local economy, the oil releases such as the Deepwater Horizon drilling oil spill, as well as in other past such catastrophic events, the total is staggering. And, in many cases, these damages are not reversible.

You have indicated that, “… The main pollutants in this case were oil and gas leaking from an underwater drilling rig after it exploded. The oil and gas was leaking on the ocean floor and it was estimated that 3.19 barrels of oil had leaked into the Gulf of Mexico…” 

However, why hasn’t someone developed a failsafe device/process that would just prevent oil spills altogether? Shouldn’t we push the industry to do this?  Isn’t this how the “better

mousetrap” gets built? Please discuss and be sure to supply the APA source that informs your response.

 Barstow, David, Dodd, Laura, Glanz, James,  Saul, Stephanie and Urbina, Ian. (2010, June 20). Regulators failed to address risks in oil rig fail-safe device.  Retrieved


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