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1.  What are some of the mineral geologic resources used in a cell phone, and what happens to these resources when the phone is thrown away?  What efforts should be made to reduce the impact of the large quantities of electronic waste we produce?


Must be 200 in length


2.  What are the costs and benefits of increasing our use of nuclear power to meet our longterm energy needs?  Do you think that the United States should meet its energy demands by building new nuclear power plants?  Why or why not?


Must be 200 words in length


3.  Describe three of the natural geologic hazards. (Earthquakes, Floods, and Landslides)  What actions can be taken to minimize the damage of these hazards?


Must be 200 words in length


4.  What are fossil fuels? Describe each type of fossil fuel, and discuss the environmental costs associated with the use of fossil fuels.


Must be 200 words in length

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