PlEASE WRITE A 3 PAGE PAPER ABOUT THE FOLLOWING BELOW. I WILL UPLOAD FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS 1) The topic I chose to use as my final project topic is how to develop a policy on this topic The paper will focus on revising an existing policy regarding replacement of IV catheters for hospitalized patients. The current policy requires the nurses to routinely replace the catheters every 72-96 hours (Wu & Casella, 2013). However, the revised policy will focus on catheter replacement only when clinically indicated to reduce costs, staff workloads, and pain associated with every insertion of the patient (Keogh, 2013). Internally, the policy will directly address the healthcare organization leaders since they are responsible for changing policies as well as the nurses who replace the catheters. Externally, the policy will address stakeholders such as investors and other healthcare actors. 2) The revised or new policy would state: (look at the policies in your facility to see examples on how policies are worded) The needs of the identified people are to run the organization at low costs and replacing the IV catheters as clinically indicated will be one way to reduce costs as 80% of hospitalized patients in the US are catheterized (Brown & Rowland, 2013). Their needs will be identified based on their interests in the healthcare organization. For the nurses, the needs include a conducive working environment with moderate to low workloads. The policy will respond to these needs by ensuring that the leaders and stakeholders reduce the costs of IV cannulas used and the nurses have reduced workloads as the replacement is done when necessary (Morrison & Holt, 2015). 3) The reason why I would like to discuss how to develop a policy on this topic is because: For the needs of these people to be met, some procedures will be needed to convince the management that clinical indications for replacement of IV catheters are better than routine replacement. The procedures would include approaching the hospital management, making a comprehensive presentation about the revised policy, and mobilizing the staff to support the policy. The nurses will be responsible for implementing the newly revised policy through the institution’s process of policy development and revision. For the review, the institution requires for the presentation of comprehensive evidence stating why the existing policy is not as effective as the proposed one. References Brown, D., & Rowland, K. (2013). Optimal timing for peripheral IV replacement?. The Journal of family practice, 62(4), 200. /articles/PMC3630081/ Keogh, S. (2013). New research: change peripheral intravenous catheters as clinically indicated, not routinely. The Journal of the Association for Vascular Access, 18(3), 153-154. Morrison, K., & Holt, K. E. (2015). The effectiveness of clinically indicated replacement of peripheral intravenous catheters: an evidence review with implications for clinical practice. Worldviews on Evidence?Based Nursing, 12(4), 187-198. Wu, M. A., & Casella, F. (2013). Is clinically indicated replacement of peripheral catheters as safe as routine replacement in preventing phlebitis and other complications?. Internal and emergency medicine, 8(5), 443-444.

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