Plz respond to these students about what they wrote about the assignment

Plz respond to these students about what they wrote about the assignment


Plz respond to these students about what they wrote about the assignment




Watch the video, “Physical Development in Early Childhood,” @ and choose one child to observe for motor development.


Discuss and defend the observation technique you used.


    • Why did you select this observation technique?


    • What did you learn?


    • What other observation technique could you have used?


    • What more do you need to know?


Explain the importance of direct observation to a coworker who is new in the early childhood field. Give specific examples of why it is important to conduct objective observations of young children.  


Student 1


I actually watch both of them. It seemed to me that they both was developed pretty well. The little girl seemed to be more advanced then Cody, but both of them was close in development.

I would use play base and social behavior. Play base observation is something that can be use for children with disabilities as well as for children with out. It helps to determine how well a child is developing as they grow and learn. Also using social observation is way to determine a child’s social skills. It is important to make sure that a child is developing socially, because they will need social skills in life. Another thing that can be done is through play you can learn how a child’s motor skills are developing.

I am kind of doing this backwards. I learned that both of them had good social skills and that both of them language was good. I seen that they played will with each other and the little girl was outgoing and she was a leader if you ask me. She didn’t mind taking risk.

I need to make sure that I pay attention a little bit better and pay attention to every little details. I am learning and I am still new this hopfully when it is all over I would have mastered it.


Student 2


I observed the girl. The video never said her name. She was very cute and outgoing. She played well with Cody. Her language was very clear and understandable. She remembered that they had a playground at school and even knew the color of the ——–. She noticed that Cody couldn’t kick the ball and she told Cody to throw it instead of kicking the ball. She had great motor skills. She gave pleasant instructions to Cody. Her physical skills were developed well. She could climb and she knew it was scary and she said it was scary to climb. But she climbed anyway. The girl was quiet bright and she has developed well for her age.

 I selected Social and Emotional development. Because the girl socialized well with Cody. Her emotions were happy and outgoing.
 I learned that the girl while playing on the playground took challenges to climb. Her motor skills and her social interactions showed that she has developed through the years well. That she will be developing more and more as she grows. Her influence on Cody was normal. They got along well. Her emotional status was good. She never got angry, and her behavior stayed the same. She is a happy child. She loved playing, and talking. I learned that the girl can speak and can say clear sentences. I learned that observing her I can document many good values without being bias. She demonstrated good social skills; her social interactions were good with another child. She was very alert. She was never aggressive. Her responses were good in language, motor skills, and cognitive development. I’ve also learned to never wear bright clothes to distract a child while you are observing them. Never star at a child for a long time. I should never to be bias of a child while observing the child.

    I could have used physical development. Psychical and motor developments are the most important in a preschooler’s development. Her motor and fine motor skills are two types of motor skills that need to be observed in preschool children. Motor skills involve large muscles. The child can jump, hop, run, climb, and skip. These motor skills keep preschooler’s psychical. Psychical is being healthy and able to move with activities.


     I need to know a lot since I’m a beginner at this. I need to take more classes and have more assignments so that I can get a clearer view of what to do with observations. I need to become a great observer. I will take more classes coming in the future so I can ace being an observer.


(Assessment in Early Childhood Education, sue C. Wortham, 2012)








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