plz respond to this student about what she wrote about the assignment

plz respond to this student about what she wrote about the assignment

Student 1

The children seem to enjoy being outdoors the child in the green shirt walks over to the cat and pets it and says the cat was underneath Sherry’s car as he walked by the he touches the cat then goes up the stairs, as the children climbing the stair the child with the green shirt seem to walk up the stairs with ease, as they enter the room toys are already out they come up to get the toy that they are interested in the child with green shirt get an airplane, he see the other child with the helicopter he says helicopter as the  other child hold the helicopter he says helicopter, helicopter flies he used his words to describe the helicopter and what it does the child in the green shirt finds a truck he says big truck this is a big truck a few second he finds a train he says Cho-Cho train, he puts down the train and picks up a green car he asked what’s this call and the lady says it a lifter the child said the lifter picks up wood he puts the car down and picks up a Lego/ Lego people he sat down to put the Lego people toy inside the Lego toy after put the toy inside of the Lego he puts it down and get another toy then the truck again and two cars, he says two cars has too many wheels The child seem to pick up toys playing with them but not with each other the child in the green shirt  is very vocal he his speech is clear I am able to understand what he is saying, children language skills every day through listening to other people talk, by introducing several language development activities into their daily play can help them practice the skills that they are learning and language will grow into sentences and conversation.

Toddler Language Development Activities

Reading is a fun activity that they enjoy, to build toddlers interest, use reading time as an opportunity to build language skills. Choose books that have with big bold pictures age appropriate. (Examples The very hungry Caterpillar) After you read several pages, ask a question about the story, such as “What do you think will happen next? At the end of the book, ask to tell the story again, but this time, pause to allow the child to supply details from the story. The activities can help to promote a toddler’s language development. Assessment of young children is to collect information necessary to make important decisions about their developmental and educational needs, assessment enhance opportunities for growth, development.

Advantages- Reading is a rewarding activities for children, there are many benefits to reading vocabulary development, language cognition, voice recognition and image recognition. CD’s tend to embellish the storytelling with silly voices they emphasize reading as a source of pleasure this make children eager to learn how to read.

Disadvantages- children from economically disadvantaged homes receive less language input from their parents and are therefore less prepared from school than their peers from financially stable homes.

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