POS Research Paper

For this term paper students will be required to write an 8-10 page (not including citation page) paper using either MLA or APA format for citations. Missing citations (including in-text) or improperly cited sources will result in significant grade deductions. 

The United States currently has a conflicted relationship with certain national states globally. Among those states are Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and to a lesser extent China. For this paper students will need to provide an analysis of U.S. conflict with one of these states. To successfully complete this writing assignment students will need to provide the following information: (1) What are the key historical events that have contributed to the creation of this conflict?; (2) Who are (or were) the main political actors (or groups) that are primarily responsible for creating, or exacerbating, the conflict?; (3) Who are the key social, religious, economic, or political groups within each state’s society that have driven political decisions to continue the conflict?; (4) Identify any allies of each state that are reasons for the conflict; (5) Explain which state (the U.S. or its adversary) could be considered more responsible for creating or maintaining the conflict. Be sure to explain why based on research.


For this assignment, students must use a minimum of TEN sources for research. Sources must include a minimum of three primary sources (books.) Students may use research databases such as JStor and EBSCO, or others available. Only internet sources that are academic, research, or organization based may be used. This means only websites ending in .org or .edu. Wikipedia or any other form of encyclopedic online references are not acceptable sources. 

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