Preparing a plan for Marketing Strategy for a product, Marketing strategy and the Marketing Mix

Discuss the company activities that will make your product or service available to your target consumer. Using Exclusive distribution with a clause to move into the selective distribution market. Using Distribution

  –Consumer channel: Direct manufacturing → consumer.(i.e. Discuss channels, coverage, assortments, locations, inventory, transportation, logistics, etc.)


Marketing Plan: It’s a Distributions strategy for an online Beauty Arrangement gift shop.

It must to be mention Direct Distribution. Also mentions to the means in: Channel, Coverage, Assortments, Locations, Inventory, Transportation, logistics, etc.

*The Marketing plan is for one year.

*Please Carefully understand that this is a part of a Marketing plan for Group Project for Marketing class. I will be providing you with the link for the online Beauty Arrangements shop that we are working on for the marketing plan.

*You have go to the website and understand what the shop about to understand the assignments.

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