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Business Plan Instruction Booklet.


Write an instructional booklet in which you give directions for creating a business plan.  In this you must have an introduction for the booklet in which you explain the purposes and uses of a business plan, the importance of having one, and an overview of the things you will cover in the body of the booklet.


In the body, you must list all of the components of the plan, and then you must describe each component and give directions for completing the requirements to construct each part.  This will involve research, so you must properly document every source used to do this writing, which includes proper in-text citations and a Works Cited or References list at the end of the booklet.


The conclusion of the booklet should refer to the importance of doing this for any business and give encouragement for all concerned.


The final draft of the booklet must have a title page with a title and your name.  The body of the booklet must have a running header that gives the title and the page number on each page, including the Works Cited(WC) or References(Ref) page, which will be the last numbered page. 

Note:  Unless you know a better way to get heading an number to start on different page than the title, try this: Begin by inserting a page number in upper right hand corner.  Choose different first page, and then press Enter key down until you are on second page.

Double click in header to get Edit Header icon.  Place your cursor to the immediate left of the number; then, hit the backspace key once or until the highlight goes off the number. Use the back arrow to back away until you have moved enough spaces to type the title in.  Hint—the cursor may jump back to the middle, but you should be able to move it with the spacebar, or you may have to trick it some other way, or play with it until it does what you want.

Once you have typed the title, click Close Header, and the title will appear on all subsequent pages before the number, not on the first though.

Therefore, there must be a WC or Ref page, and there must be four different sources for the paper, meaning that you cannot count as the required four sources different articles from the same Web site or whatever other sources you might consult.  You may, though, cite as many sources as you have borrowed from, as is required to avoid plagiarism.


The best source to begin is the SBA site you have already become familiar with.  These may be found under the Starting a Business dropdown.  There are hundreds of others, though, so do not be discouraged.

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