project space essay

Hello, I have an essay homework. The essay is a primary source essay, so you have to visit those two places. I want you to write about Macdonas and chiles. Compare and contrast the food there and  how it consumed  and produced over there. The essay should be 4 full pages long. Here is a lay out of what should you write.

1-Described the two different places

2-Find differences and similarities

3-Add another idea, for example healthy , any idea related to food.

for example: Mcdonalds and Chili’s 1- where are they located “  it should be Northride in CA “  2 -compare and contrast   them.

Possible out line

Introduction : ( location , connection)

Body: ( describe location , explanation and quality food, environment and experience )

Contrasts ( negative ).

Please read the instructions attached.


Note the two spaces ( places that you have to visit should be Mcdonalds and Chili’s).

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