Read attached documents. Create a planning worksheet then write a 450 word document. Details inside.

Read attached documents. Create a planning worksheet then write a 450 word document. Details inside.

Assignment is due Mar 18th by 2:00 PM Eastern Time, (~17 hours from now)


Review the attached documents for info on writing a negative message.  Complete the Communication Strategy Worksheet and upload it before writing the document.  Info on how to complete the worksheet is also attached.


Task: Complete the Communication Strategy Worksheet.  Write a 450-word document responding to your assigned case.

Case: Negative, Case 1 – Music 101

In this case, you are Peter Salona or Paula Salona, the distributor of practice drum kit sold primarily through stores that sell musical instruments. The kit consists of small composite drum pads that serve of substitute drumheads and a pair of drumsticks. The drum pads are about six-inches in diameter and 3/8-of-an-inch thick. Drummers use this kit to practice drumming when it is inconvenient or impossible to set up a real drum set.
The drum practice kits sell well when store personnel understand their usefulness, benefits and features. Your distributorship regularly conducts product demonstration and training sessions for sales personnel. Three times in the last six months, you have set up training workshops specifically for personnel in Music 101 stores. Fewer than 10% of store sales personnel showed up for your workshop, and no one attended the last workshop. You are annoyed that Music 101 has dropped the ball, wasted the money you invested in workshops and cost you significant potential sales.

Music 101 has a large chain of stores and yet your product is selling less than 25% of what you estimate it should be selling. This is costing you real money, particularly when you factor in the cost of the failed training session. You think the problem is the lack of commitment to the training from Laura Fletcher, the sole owner of the Music 101 chain.

You have decided to write a letter to Ms. Fletcher to express your disappointment with the poor sales of your product in her stores and her lack of commitment to the product. In you previous interactions with her, you found her reactions to you similar to what you have frequently encountered with successful entrepreneurs. She is confident in her own decisions and does not pay much attention to the suggestions of others who lack her experience and success.

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