Reading Reflection

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Reading Reflection


I wrote about 12 reading reflection is this semester and this one is the final reading reflection which it talks about everything that I learn in this class and in this semester and this class is English class so we have reading and writing stuff and this is what he describe it





“The portfolio you submit on Digication at the end of the semester is like a record of your achievements and a sample of your best work; think of it as a set of documents that demonstrates what you can do, what skills in writing you possess. Often, jobs that involve a substantial amount of writing will request just such a portfolio of your best work as part of the job application or interview process, and a portfolio is also part of the application package in other areas of employment: employers always want to see what your best work in any area looks like.


So think of the portfolio in exactly that light: it is an opportunity for you to show off what you can do, what you have learned, where you have improved and where you still see room for improvement. The Final Reflection Essay that you will write for me and submit here on Blackboard will allow you to tell me about all of these things; it functions as the cover letter and discussion of your portfolio as a whole. Essentially, your assertion in the Final Reflection Essay is this: “Here are the skills and knowledge I have acquired and here is the evidence that I have acquired these skills and this knowledge.” The evidence you present will be crucial, and you should draw on sources issuing from the course to find that evidence – your notes from peer-group discussions and peer reviews, my evaluations of the formal essays, revisions of your work, and above all excerpts from the three major writing projects that you include in the portfolio.


Your Final Reflection Essay should offer a coherent discussion (in about 1,000 words) of what you learned about your writing in this course, where you improved, what you want to continue improving in the future; like other assignments, the Essay, too, should be written in a 12-point font like Times New Roman, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins; please also include your full name, ASU ID, course name and section ID in the top left corner, and insert page numbers!”


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