reseach paper for Pro moss

I just talked with my teacher today about the topic you are writing.  The topic is divided into 2 parts; first is political economy and the second is chinese film industry.  The paper is still about communication policy, but you just write it from the view of political economy and chinese film industry. The teacher also gave some suggestions about what books to read and how to write it. I am pasting them now.

one more thing, the paper has been extended to 14 pages in total, so political economy should be in 7 pages and chinese film is about 7 pages as well. and I will pay $140


he also said” I mentioned that there is a lucrative and emergent new area of professional communication with a significant international dimension to it. It is financial communication.

It’s new to the West, and perhaps, also new to China. It may be an area of interest to you in bridging your finance background and your MA degree.”


I uploaded all the ppts from the class. so u can look through it and make a topic. i will ask my instructor if that’d work. after his permission, u can start working

(ii) research paper




10 page paper on a topic of your choice, relating to intercultural or international communication, drawing from the readings and lectures, as well as your own reading relevant to your topic




This assignment will be discussed on our first day of class. It is a standard research paper—combining IICS515 readings and lectures, as well as materials (books, articles, web-based material) you collect—and should feature a thesis statement, analysis, APA citation, bibliography, etc.




You are encouraged to begin research on this longer paper as soon as possible after the course has begun. Any topic you choose to research, however, must relate to intercultural, cross-cultural, or international communication in some way.




You are welcome and encouraged to consult with your instructors via e-mail or face-face discussion about the research paper at any time as you develop a topic, pursue your reading and thinking, and write your drafts.








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