research paper on the TJ Maxx cyber security breach

research paper on the TJ Maxx cyber security breach


Cybersecurity Research Paper instructions


Select a research topic. After selecting your topic, research the incident using news articles, magazine articles (trade press), journal articles, and/or technical reports from government and industry.


TJ Maxx Security breach


For a grade of A, a minimum of five authoritative sources are required.

 please read all instructions and look at attachments before responding.  thx.

Your research is to be incorporated into the students’ 3- to 5-page written analysis of the attack or incident. Your report is to be prepared using basic APA formatting and submitted as an MS Word attachment to the Cybersecurity Research Paper entry in your assignments folder.


This paper must be plagiarism free.  I will have to turn it in using!

I have attached the full text pdf from one source that must be used.  I put the APA citation for that source in the attached word document that repeats these instructions.  This is not a very long paper.


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