— Review at least one episode of a podcast (it’s up to you

— Review at least one episode of a podcast (it’s up to you what podcast you choose to review, but it must be readily accessible and free to download so your tutor can also listen to it); — record your review as a mini audio feature (it is up to you what software you use to record and edit, but you must save your review as an MP3); — only record your own voice – do not interview anyone or include the voices of other talent/actors, and no location sound is to be recorded and included; — use royalty free or creative commons music and sound effects – and be certain you read the terms and conditions and check you are allowed to use the music/SFX for podcasts specifically, or create your music yourself; — at the end of your audio you will need to include “credits,” and in these credits you will note the writer of the review (you), the editor (you), and you will note that the soundtrack is royalty free and/or creative commons, and where appropriate you will provide the name of the artist and title of songs, as well as any other additional information you see fit (listen to an example podcast for further guidance), – note: you will be given instructions on vUWS about where to submit your assignment for grading. Also, we do not intend to make your review publicly accessible and it will not be published on the internet as part of this unit. (We do not advise you to publish your review anywhere online, and if you do you are legally and ethically responsible yourself.)

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