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Modern healthcare systems have become more chaotic, requiring nursing leaders to obtain skill sets that will allow them to adapt to change successfully (Huber, 2018). Huston (2008) suggests that preparation must come from educational models and management development programs that contain leadership competencies. Superior performance comes from strong leadership skills and behaviors (Thusini & Mingay, 2019). Strong skills and abilities associated with effective nurse leaders include social intelligence, management skills, and being politically astSocial Intelligence
Social Intelligence is the ability to connect with other people and influence them. A nurse leader with highly developed social intelligence possesses the capability to work collaboratively and engage in team-building with other health care professionals. Huston (2008) highlights collaboration and team-building skills as a competency essential to creating a positive and productive healthcare environment. Poor social intelligence can lead to non-productive conflict. 
Economic Factors
Concerning the relationship between nursing leaders and economics, technology, and the high cost of healthcare must be considered. Electric Medical Records (EMR) require funding to implement. Additionally, the cost of expensive equipment and supplies impacts nurse managers’ decision making on how much is needed to operate safely (Huber, 2018). The nurse leader must be aware of the high cost of healthcare at all times.
Political Skills
Being politically astute is a nursing competency that is needed for organizational goal attainment. Politically skilled nurse leaders maintain balance and accountability (Thusini & Mingay, 2019). By utilizing power prudently and clear decision making. The nurse leader must be proactive to healthcare organizational demands. 

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