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Please, write one paragraph response to the following Discussion by using one reference from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal not older than 5 years.
Evidence based practice plays a major role in nursing, EBN is any practice that relies on scientific evidence for guidance and decision making. Organizations with forthcoming leadership reinforce staff will boost the use of evidence based practice. Informal and formal leadership is necessary across all organizational levels and nursing roles when implementing evidence based practice (Huber, 2018). Nurse Managers can ease and support EBP work in ways like setting up unit expectations, discussing the importance of EBP, promote staff questioning, track progress and much more. Encouraging nurse to attend project work conferences will promote the use of evidence based practice. Economics do affect nursing practice
 We all agree that finding a large amount of research support Evidence based practice ameliorate quality and safety of health care which amplify health outcomes and decreased variation I care and reduces costs. A lot of money is spent on healthcare in the United States than any western country. Nurse’s work 12 hours shift, patient are awaken every 2-4 hours for vitals, patient with indwelling catheter ends up with infection. In the United States EBP has been the Triple Aim in healthcare. EBP has been found to license clinicians and result in higher job satisfaction. Although it has brought many positives outcomes it is not used throughout the United States or the rest of the world due to multiple barriers that have continued to persist over the past decades. Study shows there is a gap between the research evidence available and the implementation of it in clinical practice. The reason for that is because clinicians can overwhelmed with information or lack skills to assess information , sometimes it is reviewed but not apply to clinical decision-making (Stephen-Haynes,2014). Not having many research evidence available, nurses tend to make decisions based what was already available and not any updated information. While sometimes it provides positive outcomes, sometimes it ends on costing the facility when the effects are not so positive. Patients are concerned about achieving better outcomes while controlling the cost of medications and treatment. It can cause patient not to seek help until it’s too late. The more research we find the more we can implement into our practice and the more it can decreased cost for patients and also the hospitals.
In summary we talked how evidence-based practice (EBP) improves healthcare quality, patient outcomes, and cost reductions, and abundance barriers persist in healthcare settings that need to be rapidly overcome. We talk about how the cost of treatment affects nursing care and how clinicians sometimes may not review any new research due to being burn out.

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