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You will answer question A and two additional questions to answer for a total of three essay questions answered. In paragraph format, answer the questions directly, clearly, and completely. You will answer all of the questions on a single document, with each answer not exceeding two single-spaced pages worth of typed text.
Answer this question:
A. The entire textbook on California discusses the similarities and differences between the US national government and the government of the State of California. If you had to choose one major change to the US system that was adapted from a power or structure that California has, what would it be? Write an essay discussing how the US would be different if it had that power or structure.

The additional questions:
3. President Trump is learning a lot about the powers of the President.Most people assume that the President can do whatever they want. However, he has been stopped a couple of times from doing what he wanted. What are thechecks on presidential power? In your opinion, which branch of government exercises the biggest check on presidential power?
5. Why is it so difficult to make a law? Write an essay describing how a bill becomes a law that includes which part is the most difficult to overcome (in your opinion).

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