several question about the Pure land Buddhism

review the PPT and answer the following questions about the buddhism

  • How many Buddhas are there in each Pure Land?
  • What is the Pure Land of the Buddha Amitābha?
  • The most popular Buddhist practice for lay-people was Pure Land. After c. the 11th century what was the main alternative?
  • Know the names of three Pure Land Sutras.
  • Where is the earliest version of the Taima Mandala tapestry kept today (slide #14)?
  • What is “Soteriology”?
  • Why can Buddhists that believe in Amitābha be confident that they will be reborn in his pure land? What are his two promises?
  • What practice became the main method of salvation for Pure Land Buddhists in China and Japan? (List transliterations of the Chinese and Japanese name of the method.)
  • What is happening in the image to the right?
  • Who are the little fellows in the lower left and right corners? Why are they smaller than the others?
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