Short History Essay, #2

This essay should be substantial and thorough, but doesn’t HAVE to be more than one page (minimum), if you can adequately answer the questions in that length. 

The essay answers should consist of three main parts: an introduction paragraph should be a paragraph long and explain in brief your answer to the questionmain body (at least three paragraphs up to  however many paragraphs it takes), and a conclusion paragraph (restating your argument).


Be sure to answer all the questions fully and please be specific in your answers, answering the Who, What When, Where and HOW this impacted society at that time.

Essay topic: 

Early modern Europe experienced tremendous upheaval during the 15th through 18th centuries due to the Renaissance and Reformation. Discuss how these two movements were intertwined. In other words, how did the Renaissance influence the Reformation and vice versa, how did the Reformation influence the Renaissance. Be sure to use specific examples.


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