Language And Identity Changes Thesis


Language and Identity Changes

OMG! LOL! Are those really language words, or are they just digital slang that is not accepted by those in the academic world? Are the new joining of letters that have risen from the advancement of technology, and the desire for society to communicate faster and easier, creating a language that will become accepted and become part of our world’s vocabulary?

As we study society through the use of sociology is there any way to connect principles and theories from sociology to technology? Can we see how Conflict Theory rises within the study of digital identity and symbolism; is there a connection between Symbolic Interaction and the way society is now talking and developing a mode of communication and how does society function (sociology calls that structural-functional theory) within itself due to the ongoing changes that are happening on a daily basis.

What about the digital divide within the digital divide (ie; those who are “Digital Natives” and those who are not (as they don’t own computers and still talk on the telephone))? How does that play a part in society and technology?

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