tort law

Research Paper

This course requires a comprehensive six to eight page research paper on a topic of your choice related to course objectives. The topic chosen must relate to business legal and/or ethical subjects/issues covered in the assigned reading material (e.g., contracts, torts, product liability, the environment, workplace discrimination, antitrust matters, securities, etc.). The topic should be one that is current, or has been in the news within the previous 18 months and is ongoing. The topic should be one that touches on statutory, regulatory, and/or judicial activity, preferably with some aspects of each. case law, case history and ethical principles .Research topics relevant to real-world aviation carriers/industries are encouraged. The paper is due by the end of Module 8 and is submitted using the anti-plagiarism tool. our 3 elements of case law, case history, and ethical principles


Oral Presentation of Research Paper

 Professional oral presentation of the research paper: 8 minutes minimum, 12 minutes maximum .


The topic I proposes is
Injury and Tort law, a Case Study of Moore v. William Jessup University”, 

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