unit seven

unit seven

Unit 7: Music – Discussion

Ready for a virtual field trip? Follow this link to Austin City Limits: http://acltv.com/ 

Source: Austin City Limits. Retrieved from http://video.pbs.org/program/austin-city-limits/ 

Choose two artists that you have not heard before, then watch and listen to their featured songs.

Begin your post by providing the name of the two artists and the two songs to which you listened. Provide the links as well to both artist selections in your response; include APA formatting.

Next, one at a time, describe each selection, and answer the following questions for each.

    1. What is the performance like? What style of music did the artists perform?

    1. How do the musicians act?

    1. Does the music impact you?

    1. Does it resemble music you listen to regularly? Why or why not?

Unit 7: Music – Seminar

This week’s reading refers to many standard-bearers of music: the people and groups you readily associate with a particular genre. In Seminar, you will discuss some of the genres and their standard bearers.

    1. In your own words, how can you best define folk, ragtime, jazz, rock, pop, and hip hop music? Have they influenced each other or do they seem distinct?

    1. Who do you see as being the new standard bearers in different genres? Why do you believe they achieve this status?

    1. What do the standard bearers communicate about the time, place, culture, influences, and circumstances that lead to these musical expressions?

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