Week 2 Discussion – CGD 240

 Due by 10/08/2015 8:30 pm EST.  All references cited and each post must be 250 words minimum


  1. Tools for the Editing Process

    Chapter 3 (in particular, p. 73, p. 76 and pp. 81-83) lists a number of resources available to writers and editors. Review at least three of these sources and describe more specifically how they can assist in the writing and editing processes. Also, visit the Ashford Writing Center (username: ashford; password: student) and evaluate how it can assist you in your writing and editing skills. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. (text is Contemporary Editing)

  2. Editing for Different Media

    How does the medium in which you are communicating your message influence your writing and editing styles? To illustrate your points, provide examples of how writing and editing for one medium might differ or be similar to another medium. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. 

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