You will need to identify an area of need in which interests

You will need to identify an area of need in which interests you as a family nurse practitioner and complete a 15-18 page evidence based paper on the role that the family nurse practitioner has on the area of need. Some possible topics include: Access to healthcare (physical, financial, or social) Chronic disease management (i.e. COPD, diabetes) Elevated rate of adult smoking, obesity, or alcohol use Wellness, disease prevention and education Mental health (including substance abuse) Sexually transmitted infections/spreadable diseases Teenage pregnancy or family planning The paper should include the following components: Identify a potential patient cohort for analysis or a specific health care organization that your project will target. Identify a potential problem or issue associated with the clinical management of a specific patient cohort or a specific administrative/leadership issue that you will target. Describe the potential solution or intervention that you will propose. Discuss research studies from the literature, evidence based practice guidelines, protocols, and/or models for best practices that relate to your potential solution or intervention. Describe at least one potential outcome for the project and the metrics you could use to measure progress. Discuss potential benchmarks or sources of data you will use to provide data about your project.

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