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The article discussing Ritalin and children raises a number of contested issues currently debated in the public realm. On the one hand, more children are able to survive and thrive in school and relationships as a result of the accessibility of medication. In addition, public debate has reduced the secrecy and stigma faced by young people with mental health diagnoses. On the other hand, critics claim that we are over-diagnosing and over-treating our kids such that what is normal behavior for some becomes pathologized or medicalized. Kids taking medication also potentially have to face negative side effects that can impact sleep, weight, appetite, and other challenging areas for kids.


  • Illustrate the differential impact a country’s economy has on its schooling.
  • Apply sociology’s major theories to education, health, and medicine.
  • Describe in detail significant problems facing today’s schools.
  • Articulate differences in health within low- and high-income countries using concrete examples.
  • Discuss key health concerns for the United States and the shape of medical systems worldwide.

Step 1: Respond to the following:

  • Discuss the pros and cons of medicating kids. Also, discuss your reactions to the reading and contribute thoughts on this topic that reflect the use of the sociological lens.

Be sure that you site at least one resource.

Site in APA format.

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