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Elementary Statistics (MATH220)






Assignment: Statistical Project & Presentation


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to supplement lecture material by having the students to do a case study on collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.


***The best way to understand something is to experience it for yourself.





Guideline for Analyzing Data and Writing a Report






Below is a general outline of the topics that should be included in your report.




1. Introduction. State the topic of your study.


2. Define Population. Define the population that you intend for your study to represent.


3. Define Variable. Define clearly the variable that you obtained during your data collection; this should include information on how the variable is measured and what possible values this variable has.


4. Data Collection. Describe your data collection process, including your data source, your sampling strategy, and what steps you took to avoid bias.


5. Study Design. Describe the procedures you followed to analyze your data.


6. Results: Descriptive Statistics. Give the relevant descriptive statistics for the sample you collected.


7. Results: Statistical Analysis. Describe the results of your statistical analysis.


8. Findings. Interpret the results of your analysis in the context of your original research question. Was your hypothesis supported by your statistical analyses? Explain.


9. Discussion. What conclusions, if any, do you believe you can draw as a result of your study? If the results were not what you expected, what factors might explain your results? What did you learn from the project about the population you studied? What did you learn about the research variable? What did you learn about the specific statistical test you conducted?




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